Holiday Inn "Casa del Frate" Viottolo del Canalone 13 - Isola Palmaria - Portovenere (SP) Tel +39.340.2670780

Casa del Frate" is on the Palmaria island, Viottolo del Canalone 13, in Porto Venere Municipality (Province of La Spezia). You can get here in many different ways:

By plane: arriving in the nearby airports of Genoa or Pisa, go to La Spezia (by train) or directly to Porto Venere (by car).
By train: arriving in La Spezia Central Station, you may: take a direct bus to Porto Venere or go to Passeggiata Morin (seafront), where you can take a ferry (cars are not allowed) to Palmaria Isle.
By Highway: Take the La Spezia-Santo Stefano exit, drive to Porto Venere, where you can park your car (we suggest you to use the guarded and indoor parking place recommended by us), and then get to the island using the ferries which continuously connect Porto Venere to the Terrizzo dock, on the island.